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VW T5 California SE

Since the original Type 2 back in the 1950s Volkswagen have been both a household name and icon to the camper van community thanks to the likes of Westfalia and other camper conversion companies.

From day one Volkswagen had provided a reliable base model through the Transporter with plenty of room for converting into a camper van. Volkswagens T5 California was the first vehicle of its type you can buy in the UK that came with an official European Whole Vehicle Type Approval.

The VW California is now the most popular bought and sold VW camper in the UK. The standard specification, build quality and residual values have been excellent with demand outstripping supply. By far our most popular model and most wanted.

Volkswagen T4

Volkswagen T4 Kombi

Introduced in mid 1990, the Volkswagen T4 Kombi came rolling off the factory line to replace the rear-engine design of the Volkswagen T3.

The Volkswagen T4 Kombi and Caravelle were soon picked up for camper van conversions by the likes of Westfalia, Auto-Sleepers, Bilbo's and Reimo. With the new generation of Volkswagen campervans the camper van scene was looking good.

Volkswagen T5 California

VW T5 California Camper

Most Camper van enthusiasts will tell you that Volkswagen is the master of camper van technology and that for years paired with Westfalia carried the camper van scene.

However, it wasn't until the new T5 California did Volkswagen make their very own factory fitted camper van and the outcome was of stunning excellence, and it is easy to see why with its first-class pedigree.

I'm very pleased with the van and although it was initially over the budget I really wanted to spend, I know that it was worth the extra as I could not have got a better van for less.
Westfalia Volkswagen T4 California 2.4 |

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Westfalia Volkswagen T5 California SE 2.5 TDI 174 4MOTION

Volkswagen T5 California SE 2.5 TDI 174PS 4 Motion
  • fresco Green
  • May 2007
  • 28,500 miles
  • 2.5 TDI 174 4MOTION Diesel
  • Manual / RHD
  • 4 Berths
  • 10 Months MOT
  • 3 Months RAC Warranty

Volkswagen T5 Robel 2.5 TDI

VW T5 Robel with A/C, only 65k, one owner
  • Shadow Blue metallic
  • Nov 2005
  • 65,492 miles
  • 2.5 TDI Diesel
  • Manual / RHD
  • 4 Berths
  • 10 Months MOT
  • 3 Months RAC Warranty