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Westfalia Volkswagen T4 California Review

Westfalia Volkswagen T4 California 2.4 Reviewed
  • Westfalia Volkswagen T4 California
  • 2.4
  • Jan 1994

We have previously owned a 1969 VW bay camper and loved it. Unfortunately, when our second child was born, some 9 years ago, we had to sell it due to lack of space. After that, we spent many years camping in tents, but last year (after spending two damp weeks in Cornwall during the summer holidays) we decided we wanted something a bit more adaptable. We spend a lot of time on the West Coast surfing and we researched the various conversions of newer VW campers and settled on Westfalia. The layout is great and the elevating roof version fits in our standard garage, which is exactly what we needed, although we didn't initially know how we would fit the surf boards to it.

Having decided on the conversion, we started the search for our camper. We bought various camping and caravanning magazines, and searched various campers on the internet. Most of the campers we saw within our budget seemed to have high mileage, or weren't in great condition.. We started to get very disheartened, but fortunately we came across VWCampersales. After a telephone conversation with Rob, explaining what we were after, Rob advised us that he had a van that matched our requirements. I went to have a look, which is a 300 mile round trip. I wasn't disappointed; Rob had an extensive range of campers on offer to suit all budgets. The camper Rob had described was ideal and with Rob's honesty and enthusiasm about the van, the deal was done, and I went back to pick the van up a few days later.

Since then, we've used it on loads of occasions; throughout the year, in any weather and at any temperature. Not just for camping holidays, but for weekends surfing and days out. It's such a convenient conversion which means we can just get up and go! We found a way to fit roof rails to the van and after discussing with Rob, can now fit all the boards on easily.

The van drives extremely well and I prefer the left hand driving position. We have had a couple of minor problems with the diesel heater (turned out to be the glow plug) and leisure batteries (both were the original batteries, one of which started to lose its charge), both problems were down to wear and tear and well outside the six month warranty period. I asked Rob's advice on both occasions and he was more than helpful; advising me of part numbers and even letting me use parts off another of his vans to identify the parts we needed. This sort of after sales service is not the norm and with Rob's knowledge on VW and his enthusiasm to keep things genuine, you can't go wrong - we certainly have no complaints. We use our camper on average every couple of weeks, and wish we could use it more often! This summer we will be touring the West Coast of France for two weeks.

The information and advice we received from Rob prior to and since we purchased the van has been excellent, and we will not hesitate to buy our next van from Rob. We also wouldn't hesitate to pass on Rob's details to anyone who is thinking of a VW camper.

Thanks Rob.

The Knott Family