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Westfalia Volkswagen T4 California Review

Westfalia Volkswagen T4 California 2.4 Reviewed
  • Westfalia Volkswagen T4 California
  • 2.4
  • Jan 2000

I thought it was way past time that I got in touch. If you remember I had two weeks in the UK to kit out and get used to the van in September. That done I set off for Portsmouth fully laden ... two calm nights on the ferry to Bilbao (£255) and hit the roads for Malaga expecting to stop a night at a campsite near Madrid.

The roads were so good and empty and with such good progress made it all the way home the same day in 12 hours, so I never got to sleep in it. I found it great to drive on the open road with that cruise control. It is more effort in towns as expected but I am getting used to that.

The weather has not been so great recently, but I did a trip to Cordoba and at last I have slept a couple of nights in it! All went fine but I think I have gone overboard with the amount of bedding I think I need. I must be in British winter mode.

I am very pleased in all aspects and it has been greatly admired by most friends who will be asking to borrow it next summer.

Thanks for doing a great job and fitting me out with such a nice vehicle. I can see me travelling to new horizons in the spring (well Spain and Portugal anyway) ... where will it all end? Well having found Diesel here at 60p a litre I now have no excuse to stay at home.

Many thanks for your good services, adios!