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Carthago Volkswagen T4 Malibu Review

Carthago Volkswagen T4 Malibu 2.4 Reviewed
  • Carthago Volkswagen T4 Malibu
  • 2.4
  • Jan 1991

Our mission was to find a VW campervan capable of motoring across Spain - Europe's second most mountainous country after Switzerland - for three months in blistering heat.

We were heading off to write a travel guide and needed a camper that would be reliable, fit our budget, handle the terrain and temperature as well as being comfortable and well-equipped.

Initial searches at various dealerships and through friends turned up some extraordinary looking vans. Some very cheap, some very old but allegedly "in great condition", some online that seemed to be a bargain, some that were way over budget and way over-priced.

Eventually we were swamped with ideas and recommendations but did not feel that any of the advice we were being given was particularly reliable.

Time was running out and we had visions of the project going badly, breaking down and being stranded in a remote village for days on end.

Thankfully a friend then directed us to Rob at VW Camper Sales, who found us a Carthago within just a few days that fitted all our criteria. He assured us that it would do the job and it did, perfectly.

Rob and the advice he gave was just what we needed. He didn't over-sell the van to us he just told us exactly what to expect; and because he knows his stuff what we would and wouldn't need for the trip. He was a great source of information and incredibly helpful. It would be worth consulting Rob, no matter how far down the sales line you already are, even if it's only for a second opinion.

We had a fantastic three months and because we could camp, got to stay in some of the most beautiful and remote (yes there are some) parts of southern Spain. The van took us everywhere without a hitch.

Tessa and Annie