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Westfalia Volkswagen T4 California Event 2.5 TDi

Westfalia Volkswagen T4 California Event (2000)

I am still very pleased with van, I have had some great trips away in it, the biggest being the South of France last August for two weeks windsurfing.
Westfalia Volkswagen T4 Event 2.5 TDI 150 bhp

Westfalia Volkswagen T4 Event (2002)

We are enjoying the Westy. Took her up to the Peak district last week and everything was thrown at her - torrential rain (with the roof up), freezing weather one night and 22 degrees during the day.
Westfalia Volkswagen T4 Event 2.5 TDi

Westfalia Volkswagen T4 Event (2003)

We found you on the internet whilst living in Spain and you appeared to have just the vehicle that we wanted. You were extremely helpful at a distance which was much appreciated.
Westfalia Volkswagen T4 Compact 2.4

Westfalia Volkswagen T4 Compact (1994)

Thanks very much indeed for guiding us through the process - we very much appreciated the fantastic information and lack of pressure.

Westfalia Volkswagen T4 California (1998)

Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our camper! We've sold the car, and use the camper for everything now.

Westfalia Volkswagen T4 California (1999)

I love the thing so much I have even been leaving my Impreza at home on a daily basis as I am having more fun in this.

Westfalia Volkswagen T4 California (1994)

The information and advice we received from Rob prior to and since we purchased the van has been excellent, and we will not hesitate to buy our next van from Rob.

Westfalia Volkswagen T4 California (2000)

Thanks for doing a great job and fitting me out with such a nice vehicle. I can see me travelling to new horizons in the spring (well Spain and Portugal anyway) ... where will it all end?

Westfalia Volkswagen T4 California (1997)

I'm very pleased with the van and although it was initially over the budget I really wanted to spend, I know that it was worth the extra as I could not have got a better van for less.

Carthago Volkswagen T4 Malibu (1991)

Rob and the advice he gave was just what we needed. He didn't over-sell the van to us he just told us exactly what to expect; and because he knows his stuff what we would and wouldn't need for the trip.