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The New Westfalia Amundsen

Westfalia Amundsen

Sometimes you know what you want in life; the freedom to explore, to see the world at your own pace, in your style, to take off on adventures knowing you’ve got independence and reliability at your fingertips. A motor home gives you all of this, especially one built by Westfalia, the pioneers of motor homes and converted vans.

Back in the 1950’s Westfalia had a visit from an officer in the British Army on the Rhine; he went to them with a dream – could they convert his T1 so that he could use it as a motor home as well as a transporter? Westfalia could and they did, and such was the inspiration that they continually took it forward, and today can bring you the result of over 65 years of experience and know-how; the new Amundsen models.

The Amundsen 540D, the Amundsen 600E and the Amundsen 600D are the product of decades of expertise, with everything you need in a motor home. The living area is cosy and comfortable, the kitchen practical and functional; there’s a surprisingly roomy sleeping area and a fully modern bathroom. Add to that dependable technology and all those extras that bring these motor homes to the forefront.

An impressive addition and a welcome addition to the already class-leading Westfalia range.
Which Motorhome, September 2014
Westfalia Amundsen 600 D / 600 E
Westfalia Amundsen 540D Bedroom
Westfalia Amundsen 600D Interior
  • A Truma Heating System.
    Exclusive to the Admunsen models and operating from the base vehicle’s fuel system.
  • A Practical Washroom.
    Clever use of space incorporating a proper shower partition.
  • Safe Four Person Travel.
    Including a unique ergonomic rear seat.
  • Hatched Exterior Services.
    Access to the toilet cassette and external shower fitting is via a locker door; there’s space for the water hose, mains lead, etc.
  • Top-notch Sleeping Quarters.
    Snooze in comfort with the cold foam mattresses and Froli springs. The 540 D and the 600 D have a proper double bed; the 600 E and the 640 E have two large singles.
  • A Proper Extra Bed.
    With a slatted base for comfort and support.

The Westfalia Amundsen Range

How to Winterise your Westfalia Amundsen

Getting your campervan prepared before winter is an important part of ownership. To assist we’ve put together a short video showing the steps you should take to ensure your Westfalia Amundsen is ready for your next camping adventure.

  1. Turn off the water pump on the control panel.
  2. Open the taps into the middle position in both the kitchen and the bathroom. If you have an external shower connect it up and do the same also.
  3. Drain down the fresh water tank in the back.
  4. Drain down the waste water tank using the lever underneath the campervan and leave open over winter.
  5. Open the last two drain points underneath the back seat.
  6. Drain the septic tank and refill odour additive.
  7. Recharge the campervan.
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