Volkswagen Westfalia Club Joker

Westfalia Club Joker
Westfalia Club Joker Interior
Westfalia Club Joker Washroom
  • The ultimate Volkswagen camper.
    Car-like driving - with a lot extra! Less than 6m overall length.
  • Packed with innovation.
    Lots of space-saving touches throughout, but still plenty of storage.
  • Full standing room.
    The key benefit of a fully insulated high-top. Plus extra locker storage.
  • Washroom with shower and toilet.
    Almost unique in a VW T6, with a proper plumbed-in cassette toilet.
  • Already an award winner.
    Voted Best High-top Camper, Practical Motorhome Awards 2013.
“Westfalia has returned to VW with another classic that collectors will be seeking out in 40 years' time … the quality of every component is obvious. On a Westfalia anything else would be a surprise.”
Which Motorhome, May 2013


Volkswagen Westfalia Club Joker City

Westfalia Club Joker City
Westfalia Club Joker City Interior
Club Joker City Pop-Top
  • Project Tradition.
    Westfalia goes back to its roots with an elevating roof camper.
  • The ultimate VW elevating roof camper.
    Based on T6 short wheel base, 2m roof-down height for go-anywhere ability.
  • Automotive quality.
    The same as the existing Club Joker with high top.
  • Self-substaining.
    Fixed toilet cassette and possibility to take a shower in the back with boiler for heated water.
  • Comfortable.
    Large bed in the roof with Froli spring elements and double seat bench.