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The New Westfalia Club Joker

Westfalia Club Joker & Club Joker City

These camper vans certainly stand out from the crowd, impressive in terms of space, luxury and design brought to the forefront with the clever use of colours and materials throughout.

Light whites and beige, plus clear cut aluminium silver give a sleek and commodious look that contrasts perfectly with the black and wood surfaces. Add to that the bright and cheerful boat deck pattern of the floor and the ample windows and the whole effect is airy and roomy. But when it’s dark outside, subtle LED spotlights come into play to create an atmosphere that’s cosy and restful.

With no shortage of elbow space and the relaxed ambience both the Club Joker and the Club Joker City are great living spaces for when you’re on holiday; the finish is high spec so you can chill out in comfort and style which is exactly what it’s all about.

Westfalia Club Joker

  • A superlative Volkswagen camper.
    At just 5.3m in length it’s got the drive and flexibility of a large family car but all the features of a small motorhome.
  • Innovative and space saving.
    The clever design gives you plenty of storage and space saving touches – even extra locker room.
  • Comfort.
    There’s a two person rear seat with isofix, and an extremely efficient heater with outlets in all three zones – living, kitchen, and wet room areas. You won’t go cold.
  • Stand-up space.
    The fully insulated high-top gives you plenty of room to stand and sleep, plus storage; you definitely won’t feel cramped and you’ll be nice and warm at night.
  • A good washroom with shower and toilet.
    It has a rear galley kitchen with a wet room incorporating a shower and a proper plumbed-in cassette toilet – virtually unique in a VW T6.
  • Highly acclaimed.
    With the accolade of Best High-top Camper from Practical Motorhome Awards.
Club Joker Specification
Length 5292 mm
Width 1904 mm
Height 2800 mm
Wheelbase 3400 mm
Mass in Running Order 2540 kg
Permissible Weight 3000-3200 kg
Westfalia has returned to VW with another classic that collectors will be seeking out in 40 years' time … the quality of every component is obvious. On a Westfalia anything else would be a surprise.
Which Motorhome, May 2013

Westfalia Club Joker City

  • Unbeatable quality.
    Just 5m long, this is a compact every day driver; just like the Club Joker with a high top.
  • Retained traditions.
    The elevating roof takes this model right back to VW Camper roots.
  • Versatile roof height.
    Based on the T6 short wheel base, the 2m roof-down height gives you complete flexibility.
  • Ease of Living.
    A rear galley kitchen, boiler for hot water, plus room in the back for a shower, and a fixed toilet cassette.
  • Built for comfort.
    A two person Isofix rear seat, and a nice warm snooze space in the roof with a double bench seat and Froli springs.
Club Joker City Specification
Length 4890 mm
Width 1904 mm
Height 1990 mm
Wheelbase 3000 mm
Mass in Running Order 2400 kg
Payload 400 kg
Permissible Weight 2800 kg

We are now some months on from the purchase of our Westfalia Joker. Thank you for the excellent service you have provided in guiding us through the process of specification and delivery.
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